Dangers Unknown

Exploding E-Cigs?

Electronic Cigarette DangersThe danger of electronic cigarettes and "vaping" may not be limited to smoking them. In a story out of Atlanta, a woman claims that the e-cigarettes that were plugged into her computer USB port suddenly exploded and started a small fire. Reports of fires from e-cigs have come from Texas, California, and Florida. Back in the old days, smoking in bed was all the rage, until mattress manufacturers had to find a way to make it harder for the whole bed to ignite when you fell asleep with a cigarette in your mouth. If cheaply made e-cigarettes are going to cause a string of fires, then the lawyers won't be too far behind.

The major problem associated with cheap vapor cigarettes, which are now spawning their own stores, mall kiosks, and smoking lounges, is that the refills for vaping are made overseas in places where quality control may not be very stringent. Most chemicals, outside of nicotine, are meant for flavoring but this does not mean they have been tested on humans, or anything. You don't know if the aerosolized particles of flavorant are going to have an adverse reaction with your throat and lung tissue, or if those chemicals are going to end up in your bloodstream, where they can settle in any major organ of your body. The last thing you want is to have your coroner tell your family that your kidneys smelled like a "cookies and cream milkshake." Admittedly, this is a ludicrous scenario and highly unlikely, but you should have a better assurance of what goes into your body.

Not Smoking, Vaping!

Teenagers tend to flock toward vaping because of the ease with which the activity is hidden. Regular cigarette smoking is easy to catch, and noticable from a distance. Vaping does not create as much of a smell, though you may detect the funny flavors on the breath of your teen. In a release by the FDA, the addictive nature of nicotine was pointed out, and this is a good point because at some point the dose delivered electronically may not be as satisfying as that delivered by traditional smoking, which is a lot more expensive.

Glycol Vapor

The biggest naysayers about vapor cigarettes will be quick to point out that the medium that holds nicotine and flavors in place is a glycol mixture, which is similar to the active ingredient in antifreeze. A report from Greek researchers indicated breathing difficulties in vapor smoke users, whether they also smoked tobacco cigarettes or not.

A bigger apparent danger is found in the fact that the refill vapor can be ingested by children, and this has led to thousands of calls to poison control centers, which in a way is proof that people who are into ecigs and vaping may not be smart enough to keep a lid on a plant toxin and keep it safe. Nicotine is not good for children, and even in small doses can cause vomiting and seizures.